12 maj 2013

All for Mum. In good time.

So. Today's Mothers's Day. And if not in Sweden, then in the States. Have time to time had a hard time to reach my American mother, so to make sure I'll spend some time in front of my keyboard. 

Through the years, I've had quite a hard time convincing my American mum Lo, that Swedish Mother's Day actually occurs two weeks after the American equivalent. Don't think that they always understand that, but what the heck - I'll just do what I most years do: Greet her both days.

They are just about six hours behind us in the Midwest. Maybe the sun hasn't even set yet. Here it's dark and well into the night, not that long until midnight. And as so many times before, I wonder what they do - My favorite American family. I just miss them a lot, all of them.

So here's my loving thoughts, flying across the ocean. Wishing all is well and that we just might see each other soon again. Happy Mother's Day. And giant Hugs...

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