14 maj 2017

The Mother of days.

Happy Mother's Day, Lois. Almost always on my mind, so important in shaping me into the adult being I am today. Soooo thankful for your effort and your boundless love.

I'm the oldest of Lois' three sons, though not biologically hers. But the impact she made on me (together with Denny, my American father) that year, 40 years ago, is invaluable. I was a brat (maybe), because I was somewhat wild - having to take care of myself so much in those days. Not too happy about it, either.

They taught me patience and family values. The showed me love, when I didn't expect any. They incorporated me in their family, no questions asked. I still sometimes ask myself why, though I never question their love for me. I do love my American family, into my innermost core.

(I torsdags skrev jag mer om detta att ha en ickebiologisk, men stark relation till dessa underbara amerikaner. Klicka här.)

Mother's Day in 2017 is this very Sunday, the 14th of May. In the United States, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. In some countries it was changed to dates that were significant to the majority religion, or to historical dates. In Sweden Mors Dag is celebrated the last Sunday of May.

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  1. Så fantastiskt hur vissa människor kan påverka en och hur livet kan gå åt ett speciellt håll just tack vare den!