Street photography / Gatufoto

This is a small collection of my images, taken in public spaces. Enjoy.
Alla bilder/all images © Gunnar Fägersten Novik #gatufoto #Streetphotography You can also find these pictures at Flickr and more of them at either Facebook or

Photowalk Gothenburg May 2015
Colors of the season

Under my umbrella

Distant call

Rain hurried

An Amsterdam experience, April 2015
My playground 2

The Finger

Mr Sing a song

Hesitant hello

A Berlin intersection, September 2014
Into camera

Bike hang around

We wait outside

Red group 0

A London view, April 2014
Night Calling

Intense in Tube

In awe



Photo run

Hood up!

Sealing the deal

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The four images that's on display at Abecita Art Museum in Borås  - along with 13 other street photographers' pics...

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