19 juni 2016

Happy Father's Day!

Nope, in Sweden this isn't Fathers Day, that happens in November. But for the part of me that love Arby's, football and turkey dinners it's truly Father's Day today.

My American family; Denny, Lois, me, Randy and Scott - photo by Randy (Thanksgiving 2015).
Denny, you are so important to me. The other day, it was your 75th birthday and once again I'm just too far away to come and give you a big hug. 
You've taught me a lot and you shown me ways of fatherhood yet more.
This year I send you my oldest, who I taught to call you grandpa. I trust you to give him love and care too. Hope you have a great summer

You're always with me, no matter the distance. Love /G

För er svensktalande är detta en enkel kärleksförklaring till en man som betyder mycket för mig varje dag, inte bara på Fars Dag på amerikanska.

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